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The story features Michel Geulincx, a young protagonist who discovers that the Berserker have tampered with his essential human composition during the process of his conception. Rather than weakening his humanity, the Berserker sabotage unintentionally endows Michel with superhuman abilities that he uses to gain entry into the Taj, the inner sanctum of all human life at the center of the universe.

The Berserker Throne is the story of a misguided prince who naively attempts to employ the Berserker to rectify a political injustice. A Publishers Weekly reviewer described the "Berserker" books as "violent cautionary tales" in which Saberhagen "melds action with questions of ethics. Saberhagen received favorable reviews for Berserker Kill , which appeared in Nearly twice the length of previous novels in the series, the story involves the mysterious Berserker theft of a bioresearch space station which houses a billion human zygotes intended for use in colonization.

The Berserker action is atypical, because the human cargo is not destroyed and they leave a neighboring human settlement virtually unscathed. Eventually it is discovered that the builders of the original Berserker still exist and have also produced Berserker-killing devices. Praising the novel in Booklist , Roland Green noted that the extended length of the novel enables Saberhagen to "put us inside both Berserker and human minds as never before.

In Berserker Fury , the seventh installment in the series, the mechanical aliens have developed human-like machines with which they plan to infiltrate human society to disable their defenses. The humans respond to this threat with their superior intuitive abilities. This is classic science-fiction at its best—a space-based fantasy that stretches the imagination without breaking the attention span.

Berserker Series

A Publishers Weekly contributor especially enjoyed the "taut tough-guy dialogue" among Saberhagen's human crew, and the "satisfying punch of man-vs. Booklist contributor Roland Green observed: "The fast action, the plethora of well-conceived hardware, and the deft bits of characterization all go to show that, in the hands of an old pro, even the most shopworn ideas make for fine reading.

Saberhagen also produced the popular "Lost Swords" series, an extension of his earlier "Swords" trilogy involving twelve magical swords, each with unique attributes, that are used to vanquish the gods that forged them.

According to a Kirkus Reviews contributor: "The Swords notion is an arresting, supple, and durable one, with plenty of mileage left in the various permutations. The Fourth Book of Lost Swords: Farslayer's Story , considered by a Kirkus Reviews contributor to be "the best Lost Swords outing so far," centers around a blood feud involving Farslayer, the sword of vengeance. In the concluding volume of the series, The Last Book of Lost Swords: Shieldbreaker's Story , each of the magical swords is destroyed save Woundhealer, the sword of love, which survives in the hands of Prince Mark, who defeats Vilkata the Dark King and Shieldbreaker, the sword of force.

Commenting on the final installment, a Kirkus Reviews contributor remarked that the "Lost Swords" series offers "tireless entertainment in the seemingly inexhaustible combination of Swords and magics. Among Saberhagen's adventure novels based on historical and literary figures, the "Dracula" series is perhaps his most popular. Here Saberhagen recreates the vampire myth with new plots in wide-ranging chronological and geographical settings. Watson in Europe at the turn of the century.

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Library Journal contributor Jackie Cassada praised Saberhagen's "fidelity to period detail. Saberhagen offers similar creative reinterpretations in The Frankenstein Papers , his version of the classic monster tale; Merlin's Bones , a new twist on Arthurian legend; and After the Fact , a skillful recreation of historical events surrounding the American Civil War and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Of these, Merlin's Bones was particularly well received and is considered by critics to be among Saberhagen's best fiction.

A Publishers Weekly contributor praised the novel in which, according to the reviewer, "Saberhagen's narrative juggling is dazzling and imbues the novel's many paradoxes with an elusive grace. Saberhagen returns to space-age fantasy in his " Gene Roddenberry 's 'Earth: Final Conflict' series, based on the popular television programs created by Roddenberry. The series features the conflict between humans and the alien Taelons who, in the first volume, The Arrival , come to earth pretending to be humans' benefactors.

The Taelons make friends with billionaire Jonathan Door, claiming that they can cure his dying wife of cystic fibrosis. But Jonathan's father, Jubal, knows the truth—he had been abducted by the Taelons and knows they are bent on enslaving the human race. Classical mythology serves as the inspiration for the "Books of the Gods" series, though Roland Green in Booklist suggested its setting closely resembles that of Saberhagen's "Swords" series. In the first installment, The Face of Apollo , the sun god and Hades fight to the death.

Hades is victorious, but the dead Apollo's face enters the body of a teenaged boy who then becomes his avatar. Green saw the book as an "admirable coming-of-age story" that combines "classical scholarship, wit, and brisk pacing. The third book, The Arms of Hercules , is a retelling of the Hercules legends. It was followed by Gods of Fire and Thunder , in which the author turns to Norse mythology and tells the story of Haraldur the Northman, a former comrade of Jason's, who teams with Baldur in Baldur's search for the Valkyrie Brunhilde, a woman imprisoned by the god Loki.

Jackie Cassada, writing in the Library Journal , called the book "a rousing tale of love and adventure. Saberhagen also continued with contributions to his "Berserker" series, including 's Berserker's Star , which tells the story of pilot Harry Silver's decision to help a woman who claims her husband is being held by a cult on Maracanda. The Second Book of Swords. We hope you enjoy your book and that it arrives quickly and is as expected. The picture may not reflect the books condition or specific edition.

Binding: Paperback. You are buying 5 Fred Saberhagen paperback books, they are as follows: 1. Pyramids - 1st Printing January 2. The Second Book Of Swords - 3.

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The cover has a bend in it. Wear from storage and reading.

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Small tear on back cover. Pages tight. I have pets and a wood burning stove. Clean, unmarked pages. Covers uncreased. Note that this is the TOR edition [], not the reprint. Children section. New and Used. By Fred Saberhagen. The Complete Book of Swords. Hardcover, Book Club Edition. Publisher: Tor There was, in fact, only one certainty about it: Now that it threatened to contaminate the worlds of Earth, its source would have to be destroyed - even though for the native Kappans the Water of Thought was as necessary as the Breath of Life itself.

Publication Details: Orbit, London Book Specifics. Earth Descended by Fred Saberhagen. This is Earth Descended by Fred Saberhagen. Book Details.

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