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Parents say 51 Kids say Retrograde Retelling Parents, be warned. Three parents die in this movie. Cinderella's mother's death is particularly dramatic.

She falls ill, before an intense death bed scene that is referenced throughout the film. If your child has recently experienced a loss, or is sensitive about death, leave this film for later. The film itself- although pretty - is a pretty standard rehash of the Cinderella story. The movie equates "kindness" with being a doormat - watching Cinderella being abused by her stepfamily.

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And "courage" with wish-fullfillment. I'm pretty sure I could do almost anything if I had a fairy godmother to help me along. Cinderella is rescued by others - first the fairy godmother, and then the prince.

Not exactly a modern heroine. You should also know that she really is very wicked, far more than in the cartoon version. If you've got young and impressionable kids who either have, or may soon get, a step-parent, you might want to talk about the stereotypes in fairy tales, compared to real examples they know. This review Helped me decide. Had useful details 3. Read my mind. Report this review. Parent of a 8 and 11 year old Written by Crisscross July 15, Excellent Rendition of Cinderella My eight-year-old daughter writes: They gave the original Cinderella better ratings than this cinderella which I think was the wrong thing to do!

Cinderella is an amazing movie! I loved it. It could not have been better! As a parent, I say that this film is an excellent retelling of Cinderella--the best yet! Don't let the overall review make you think that this film is disrespectful to women. On the contrary, the film shows Cinderella with integrity, despite circumstances. She is by no means wimpy and fawning as the CSM review seems to suggest. For example, when unexpectedly meeting the prince, Cinderella speaks her confident convictions to him, who admires and respects her defense of her ideals, although contrary to his own.

The film is not empty-headed. We see the Cinderella story fleshed out with compelling story-telling.

Cinderella Is Evil (Fairy Tales Retold, #1) by Jamie Campbell

This movie retells the authentic Cinderella story in a more complicated, contextually interesting way, in which the viewer gets to see why the stepmother is so jealous, how intimate and supportive Cinderella's parents had been, and how Cinderella got her name. By the way, Cinderella is not pencil thin as these reviews indicate. This Cinderella is a suitable size for her stature. When watching the film, this was my impression. If you don't like the structure of the story Cinderella, you might still be pleased to see this re-telling.

If you want to change the story, that's totally cool, but please make a new story and call it a new name. This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. Had useful details 1. Read my mind 1. Great Movie Okay, I'm going to start off by giving a response to some of the other reviews I've seen. I saw one review that said Ella was sexualized and I quote 'how am I supposed to teach my daughters to value themselves when Cinderella is half dressed and their princess role model? No one even said anything about her looks, other than the step mother and step sisters mocking her face having ashes on it and the prince saying 'she wasn't just a pretty girl!

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Well, she was pretty, but there was so much more to her. And there is more than enough points to this film that teaches girls to value themselves. Another review said that this movie equalizes kindness with being a doormat. Not true again. In this film, Ella puts up with everything she goes through because she is determined to have courage and be kind.

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  4. True, she should stand up for herself, but you have to admit there is something admirable about being so kind even after everything she's gone through. You're supposed to treat people how you'd want them to treat you, and Ella sets a great example for this. She also sets an example for staying positive, no matter how bad things may get. In my opinion, this is a great movie. I like how this one actually had Ella and the prince get to know each other before they fell in love, unlike the animated version. It is overall a great film and I think everyone would enjoy it.

    Adult Written by Sean N. May 23, Beautiful both Inside and Out Yes, this new take on 'Cinderella' is basically just the same story as its animated Disney counterpart If anything, this film should be commended for sticking to the 'old-fashioned' route while also managing to update certain elements of the original film that have admittedly become rather dated. The romance between Cinderella and the prince is not as rushed as it was in the original film and there is some added context as to why Lady Tremaine is as cruel as she is towards Cinderella.

    Cinderella herself is a terrific role model for young girls. And yes, I'm aware that this film, like the original, is getting a lot of flak by feminists for her being a 'passive' heroine. But I wouldn't call this Cinderella played perfectly by Lily James 'passive'. She's much more involved in her own fate to the point where she even tells her stepmother that she'll protect the prince from her regardless of what ends up happening to her.

    But perhaps the most important thing about this film is its great message; 'Have Courage and Be Kind', words of advice given to Cinderella when she was younger by her mother played by Hayley Atwell before she died. That's the other reason why this Cinderella is such a great female lead. Her courage and overall sweet and kind persona really shines through. And in this cynical world we live in, those words of advice are some damn good words to live by.

    I absolutely adored this film not just for its respect towards the original animated film it's inspired by but also for its unabashedly sweet nature.