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Chapter 6 Micelles. Chapter 7 Multiple Emulsions. Chapter 17 Liposomes and Biomacromolecules. Chapter 19 Dendrimers in Drug Delivery. Chapter 20 Microsphere. Chapter 9 Nanoemulsions as Drug Delivery Systems. Chapter 10 Microemulsion Systems.

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Chapter 25 Nanocarriers for Imaging Applications. Hak Cipta. Informasi bibliografi. Colloids in Drug Delivery Monzer Fanun CRC Press , 19 Apr - halaman 1 Resensi Colloidal drug delivery systems present a range of therapeutic benefits in the treatment of a number of challenging conditions, allowing researchers to cross barriers that have previously prevented efficient treatment while offering improved and more targeted absorption. Back cover. Cogent Medicine. Pharmaceutical Science.

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Article Figures and tables References. Abstract Abstract Bioavailability of the colloidal particles is of great concern. Introduction Bioavailability is the unchanged fraction of a drug in the blood circulation, which is available for its therapeutic use. Particle technologies Particle technology is a bunch of techniques, used to enhance physicochemical, micrometrics and biopharmaceutical characteristics of the hydrophobic drugs, resulting in their improved solubility and bioavailability. Freeze-dried liposomes Liposomes are the phospholipid vesicles, comprising entirely of a phospholipid bilayer which surrounds an aqueous compartment within its hydrophilic head and thus can dissolve both lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs.

PMs PMs are nanosized formulations which have the capacity to carry water insoluble drugs to their targeted areas for their intended pharmacological effects. Formulation-based approaches Out of all newly discovered compound known in medication disclosure projects, compounds are inadequately soluble in water Allam, El. Co-crystallization Co-crystals mainly comprise two parts; the API and the former. Cosolvency The solubility of a poorly water-soluble drug is improved normally by adding a water-soluble solvent, these solvents are called cosolvents Strickley, Hydrotrophy Hydrotrophy was introduced by Carl neuberg in , however, practically it was implicated by thoma and colleagues in Sekhon, Conclusion Bioavailability in a specific range is required for all therapeutic agents in order to achieve their intended effects.

Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science

Funding This research did not receive any specific grant from funding agencies in the public, commercial or not-for-profit sectors. References Adams, M. Amphiphilic block copolymers for drug delivery. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , 92 7 , — Powdered self-emulsified lipid formulations of meloxicam as solid dosage forms for oral administration.

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Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science

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