Manual Esoteric Healing - Part 2

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No two courses are the same as every presentation is delivered in accordance to what is required on the day by the specific attendees. Over one hundred new participants attend SEH 1 each year.

Many people choose to repeat the courses and experience deeper levels of healing and awareness. You can read here some deeply touching testimonials about the real life effects of this modality. Revealing what energetic awareness is and how we can heal ourselves when we understand energy is the underlying cause of illness and disease. Serge Benhayon June This two day course is a profound introduction to energy, healing and the living fires that lay within.


The aim of the course is to teach healing and provide simple and practical tools that participants can use in their day to day life and to support their partners, friends and family. Find out all about us….

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Open Center programs offer opportunities to grow, learn, heal, and reflect on your journey. Find an online, evening, weekend, or longer-term training experience in any one of eight Learning Paths. The path toward improving the world begins when you become a change-maker in your own life. Our advanced trainings range from comprehensive certifications to in-depth certificate programs, which can help you change careers or offer new support and services in your existing practice.

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Introduction to Esoteric Healing - Part 1 - 11 MAY

Flower Essence Therapy Certification. The online class includes some basic anatomy, an introduction to meditation, a deeper understanding of the cause of dis-ease, and the evolvement of soul consciousness.

This online class consists of video lectures, assignments, and quizzes. This online course serves as preparation for the in-classroom experiential course to begin learning the practical application of Esoteric Healing.

Sacred Esoteric Healing

The In-Classroom experience is where you learn the practical application of Esoteric Healing. This class for the practical application of Esoteric Healing authenticates the philosophical study. Students are expected to come prepared with the knowledge learned in the pre-requisite online class that covers the Philosophy of Esoteric Healing.

Students also learn how to apply this hands-off technique as an in-person and an absentee energy healing modality. There is a lot of student to student practical application in the classroom.


The process of giving and receiving Esoteric Healing is transformative! Who should take this class?

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This class is highly suggested for counselors, psychologists, nurses, energy healing practitioners, and those who want to deepen their spiritual practice. It is also open to all who feel drawn to the class. No prior knowledge is required.

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Instructor: Bonnie K. Dysinger M.

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  4. Bonnie is the owner of Gentle Touch Healing in Benicia , CA and has an active energy healing practice working with clients across the U. Read more about Bonnie on her website at www. Introduction to Esoteric Healing - Part 1.