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For example, while I work pretty far from my house, I can choose to bike to the train station and then take the train, instead of driving to the station. Not only that, I get some exercise and fresh air. For me frugality means freedom and flexibility. I found myself nodding my head at each reason you listed. I recently read the book your Money and Your Brain by Jason Zweig and appreciated his insights on the idea of money and happiness. For example, he talks about the fact that how good our money makes us feel depends partly on how much money the people around us have.

Therefore, I think frugality is so helpful because it gives us a new metric to evaluate our lives by. Instead of focusing on the spending side of the equation, we often prioritize the savings side. And since happiness comes from wanting what we have, frugality is the perfect way to start seeing all the value and abundance in our current lives. I truly loved this article. It summed things up perfectly for me. Although I have always had a tendency towards frugalness, I never really knew what direction I was going in.

This blog, along with Mr. Money Mustache were truly life changing for me as I now have a clear and defined path and am happily and rapidly taking steps towards FI and all of the benefits and options it brings. Thank you for your inspiring posts! By the way, I went the no makeup route and I truly do feel more confident, which was totally unexpected. Yep, I was nodding my head to every one one of those! The biggest benefit for me is the family time, and the simplification. I am tired enough at night! Their friends are usually not from frugal families.

This brings on a whole new dynamic that we are starting to deal with now.

Her Dinero Matters: [REPLAY HMM ]: Rarely Talked About Frugal Living Secrets With Cindy Livesey

I agree with you about the friend comment. She picked Mommy staying home.

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It really is freeing and liberating to be debt-free. We will now be more frugal in life and try to save half our income, and not make the same mistakes we did in the past. Thank you guys for your blog, it gives us joy to know we are on the right path.

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A really great article, and I think you captured all the points. The peace of mind is wonderful. I think that the most fun I get out of frugality is the creativity. I love to come up with new ways to repair or create, using things I already have or can get very cheaply, even free.

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I feel so much happier doing that than when I just go buy a new whats-it or pay someone to fix it. This has read just like an engrossing book! Because I once was extremely poor hungry money became a stressful topic in my life. Thank you!! Frugality made me view the world differently — especially after taking the Uber Frugal Challenge. It made me a lot more content with small things. Yeah, a lot of people have newer cars, expensive clothes, etc.

We are in the process of selling our home and moving to Vermont!

Frugal Matters: Money Lessons Learned in the Great Depression and World War II for Use Today

Exciting and scary times. As usual, another amazingly written post about the benefits of frugality. Great Post! Such a good list. I really needed to read this today. We are in the process of preparing our house to list and — hopefully- sell.

But reading this -and especially 16 -was just what the doctor ordered. I can make it through. So thanks. Great article. I used to be so stressed out about money when I ate out all the time and went shopping for new clothes every weekend. It never clicked in my head that those two things were related! I think the day I added up all my debt was the day my life changed. I was shocked at how much money I owed. And as the debt disappeared, so did the stress. Over time I realized that the best way to get out of debt and save up a ton of money is to stop spending your money! Like traveling.

Next month-Aruba! I especially loved that frugality allows you to let go of perfectionism. So true!!! My mom and I were chatting today about how lazy society has gotten, haha. This blog post is just full of so many good feelings. I am yet a frugal novice, but I confess that I have been surprised by how little this journey has to with saving money, and how much more it is a lifestyle design choice.

For those amongst us who tend to be a tad competitive, frugality scratches that itch quite well too — acquiring things ones needs non-conventionally and for a lower cost can feel like a game, and one plays against oneself to win. I read one of your blog posts a while ago and then a few weeks ago Society of Grownups sent an email that included one of your latest posts. It brought me back to your blog and I am so glad it did!

I have been reading your new posts and catching up on old ones and your writing is constant inspiration for me to step back and think about what I truly value and prioritize! I love the way you are able to but into words exactly what I feel! Great post. Really enjoying reading your blog. I am curious about 2 things you mentioned though. To your point of frugality saving time, and your mention as well of limiting decision making with the example of your stroller, I wonder how much this is true, or if your experience will vary depending.

So it seems there was an amount of research, decision making, and investment of time prior that allowed you to make a final quick decision when you learned that stroller was available. So for instance the time I would have to invest in order to be able to build my own set of storage shelves would likely be much higher than what you and your husband will need to invest, which gets me to my your mileage may vary point. I think it is sort of like travel—some people live frugally so they can spend their money on travel. I am frugal on things I can easily be frugal I do not eat out, cut my own hair, do not have a tv, drive a Ford Focus, live in a small, cheap house I bought in a very poor town.

However, I do spend to get oil changed etc. I make choices that are easy for me. I do enjoy frugality for its environmentally friendly side. Great post FrugalWoods. Giving up on perfection made a massive difference in my own life, and my own happiness. Frugality truly is about more than just money. I am 54 years old almost. A couple of years ago, I realized how far in debt I really was. I have stopped buying things and eating out and attempting to rid myself of most of the things that I do have.

I so wish I had learned this years and years ago! We less worry about stuff and more enjoy our life. We less care about what other people think about us and more care about our future. And we are so excited about future changes in our lives. Wow this is a great list. Something we can all relate to at least some of them. It was probably a lot of fun for you to list out too and realize how fulfilled of a life you truly live.

Probably a good exercise for us all. Thanks for sharing! Great post as usual Mrs.

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From cutting off cable tv to looking into makings things like selves and tables frugality has expand my creativity and is more self-satisfying. Instead of racing home to watch a ballgame or catch the latest episode on cable tv, I look forward to hiking with my wife and kid and not worrying about anything else.