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10 Spooky Campfire Stories To Tell Your Friends In The Dark

I can do the same. The next day he saw the hawk again. This time the crow mimicked the hawk. He circled in the air, but much higher than the hawk. The hawk swooshed down, picked a rabbit, and went back to its nest. The crow wanted to do the same. He saw a fat mouse moving around on the ground and aimed to pick it up. But the mouse was vigilant. He saw the crow and moved to the side. The crow crashed to the ground and broke his beak. I hope you have learned a lesson today. It is good to take inspiration, but bad to imitate. You are born with natural talents. Why not use them to hunt?

You will be happier with the way you are than being someone else. Two cats walking down a village street spotted a loaf of bread below a tree. The two argued over who saw it first. After some argument, the two decided to split the bread in half. But who will do it? They only had paws and claws. A monkey watching the incident from the top of the tree understood their predicament. He slid down from the branch. Can you use your hands to do it for us? The monkey obliged. He took the bread and sat at the lowest branch of the tree. He split the bread into two.

But one piece was bigger than the other. I will take a bite to reduce its size. But he took a bigger bite, which left the other piece bigger.

He took a bite from the other piece, but the bite was big and thus the other piece became smaller. The monkey continued at it while the cats watched their bread getting smaller and smaller till it was all gone. I am sorry. One day, a man was traveling from his village to a neighboring one with his donkey carrying the luggage.

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At night, the man set a tent and settled for sleep. He woke up at night to find the donkey putting its head into the tent. It was bitter cold so the man let the donkey keep its head inside. Later in the night, he was awakened by some movement in the tent; he found that the donkey had put his front legs in the tent. Much later the donkey put his hind legs too. A few hours later, the man was awakened by an abrupt movement in the tent. He felt that he was slowly being pushed out to the other side of the tent but refused to wake up now.

In the morning, the man woke up and saw that the donkey was sleeping in the tent, while he spent the night out in the cold! A bird once made her nest in the cornfield and laid eggs. The eggs hatched into hatchlings. The young birds were smart and would keep an eye for predators to tell their mother when she returned with food in the evening.

One day the hatchlings heard the farmer say to his friend that he is going to get his field harvest tomorrow by his sons. The hatchlings were worried.

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They told the incident to their mother. The mother stayed calm. Nothing is going to happen. You will be safe. Keep an eye on the farmer and tell me what happens. The hatchlings were worried all day. But, as their mother had said, there was no harvesting done. I will get the harvesting done by the neighbor tomorrow.

He is a good friend, and will not say no. Their mother had the same tranquil reaction that she had the day before. The next day, the hatchlings saw the farmer in the field again. Tomorrow I will harvest the fields myself. The family took flight with the first rays of the sun. As they flew over the farm, they saw the farmer harvesting the fields. The wise mother knew that no one comes to help when in need, and the right time to move was when the farmer harvested the field himself. A man was on a long journey to his town when a dust storm hit the road.

He decided to spend the remainder of the day at an inn by the roadside. You can open the door if you have the silver key.


The traveler understood that the gatekeeper wanted a bribe. He slid a silver coin under the door, and the gatekeeper opened the door. I am not the gatekeeper. He slid the silver coin that the traveler gave him, and the traveler opened the door. With such intriguing and funny stories, the night by the campfire passes off in a jiffy.

7 Horror Stories You NEED To Share Around The Campfire!

As each child begins to narrate a story, the next one will be inspired to come up with a story better than the previous one. You may also encourage the children to tap on their imagination and weave a story. Share a theme with them and see how creative they can get with their stories. Image: Shutterstock.

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Was this information helpful? Some were allowed to leave the country, however most were executed at the guillotine. One nobleman in particular had sent his family into hiding in hopes of saving them. On a bright and sunny morning in May, Farmer Jones went out to plow his fields. He led old Bessie, his plow horse, out of the barn and hitched her up to the plow.

The aroma of newly plowed earth wafted behind him as he produced a ruler straight furrow across the field. Suddenly his reverie was broken as a …. Freddy Fish and Sam Clam were the best of friends, and did everything together. One day, though, both perished in a freak mishap. Freddy Fish went to heaven, and immediately looked around for his best friend.

Not finding him, he asked St. Peter where Sam was.

Campfire Stories

It seems there were two frogs sitting on a lily pad, when all of a sudden, a fly came along. One frog put out his tongue, ate the fly, and started laughing hysterically. Soon the other frog joined in the laughter. Later in the day, the other frog ate a fly and the two frogs burst out in laughter. Bears and Blueberries Some years ago back when I was working in a fishing camp up in the outback of the Saguenay region of Quebec sometimes in our spare moments a couple of us would go for blueberries which we gave to the cook.

Snoopy’s Campfire Stories (PC) (1996)

She made great desserts for the customers, and us too. Now in these blueberry barrens, black …. There was once three men; a doctor, a farmer, and a hippie.

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