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  5. Save time! Get Best Deal. And we armed her with research demonstrating that healthy vending contracts could generate as much revenue as other contracts, if not more. A new contract for percent healthy snack vending at nearly Chicago parks is now in place.

    Snacks & Beverages Vending Machine

    To promote the changes, a pilot nutrition education program with taste-testing will be offered for park staff. Chicago, IL. Such machines are unlikely to offer both Pepsi and Coca-Cola for example. Size options include cans as well as 12oz and 20oz bottles. While profitability of any vending machine has a lot to do with its positioning, there is no doubt that one of the most popular types of machines are those that dispense snacks. The items that prove to be the most popular can vary across different States, but there are also plenty of examples that are popular pretty much everywhere.

    Chocolate bars such as Snickers, Twix and Baby Ruth, as well as chips like Doritos, Cheetos and Lays, are all the main staples of such machines.

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    The glass front of this type of machine allows the products themselves to act as their own advertisement, meaning there is no need to brand the machine itself. This lets the vendor easily change the items for sale.

    The snacks are arranged in either a single or double coil system, which rotates on its axis to move each item along a single place when a customer selects it, with the one at the front dropping down into the collection area. Refrigerated vending machines enable the sale of cold food such as salads, sandwiches and burritos, breakfast items or even complete meals. A lot of the food in such machines will be ready to eat or require reheating, and there will often be frozen food available too.

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    This tactic of having some cold and some frozen food means there is fresh food to be bought which is more popular but the vendor need not invest too much in items that have a short shelf life. Should the fresh food run out then there is still frozen items to sell. The turret-style vending machines feature a display unit inside the machine that can be turned by the customer so they can view all of the available items.

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    This type of machine works well with cold food items as it is a more personable experience for the customer as they select their meal. The success of an ice vending machine depends entirely on its location.

    It must be in a high traffic area such as next to a convenience store or a gas station, and if you do manage to secure a good location then the rest is pretty easy. Summer is obviously the boom time but ice remains in demand all year round. Despite the need for constant refrigeration, it is not actually very expensive to maintain an operational ice vending machine. Obviously a lot more research will be required before deciding if ice is the right vending product for you.