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How Your Brain Is Like the Cosmic Web

And that baby, that human-fundamental baby at the 'root' of human experience is always in us and living as us RIGHT NOW as an atemporal knowledge, however masked. Can we pass on to future generations genes the co-arising, UR, biological physical quadrant a genetic change that can instinctively help them to feel more inclusive towards all other sentients?

We are born with the instinctive feeling that our body is the source of our First Person experience and, being indistinct from the world, soon we realize that this source of sensations, needs, and feelings is inextricable linked with capricious happenings and with a lack of certainty and, thus, always in a potentially painful and thus Moreover, this instinctive knowing remains with us even if we move far into transcend-and- include understanding or in various human relational lines including cognitive and spiritual development.

This is a biological-psychological programming that holds back Integral Theory as well as other adequate and lofty ideologies from catching up. Establishing in a lofty world is structurally difficult for the recurring, ingrained memory of human instinct. We instinctively ask: what can we gain?

Who else of practical consequence to us has adopted the ideology? Does this ideology 'rule'? In a competitive, consumer society we are constantly reminded by our human instinct that it is best to prefer comfort over risk. Nonetheless, personally transcending ideologies also motivate us because we also are instinctively inclined to move beyond our isolated selves.

Thus, some of us will even self-immolate and die for a variety of self-transcending political or religious causes. Some of this self-transcendence may be suffiently inclusive to bring light to the political lives of people in pragmatic ways that apply to particular circumstances and some of it may be counterproductive, backwardly restrictive and generative of more attachment to structures that allay fear and promote safety for the average individual.

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To counteract the fear of risk; to promote 'Second Tier' being-in-the-world, we must first understand the very deep truth into which we are born as biological life forms: Life is indeed very dangerous because it can easily become very painful and destructive to us. Thus we need to hold on to falsehood and to lie to ourselves and to others. However true and except for miracles we won't be sustained by 'light' or by 'ideas', but by food, money and by a socially respectful or supportive environment that is more protective than violent to us.

The present or present social structures are heavily defined by our First Person conditioning of the material and biological past. The inclusive, Integral future of love and respect for all sentience is defined by a potential that is not material.

The future also includes bringing manifestation resources from this more inclusive realms onto the Gross, material world. Our idealism for change needs to include this poignant realization or else we'll be treading onto our own ever-shifting, seldom rooting ideological clouds. A creative genius that promotes conviviality, respect, love and integration requires some degree of social acceptance to thrive. Are we transmitting in an age of fast, superficial, communication and to a sufficient percentage of youth the ideals, values and issues of the past, the inherited cultural wisdoms that present-day generations need in order to heed the call and to recognize the importance of a post postmodern view?

Chris, Thanks for this. It was very helpful. What I am personally seeing is that there is profound confusion of nondual and causal and even subtle states of awareness.

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  8. I am recognizing more and more that what I "thought" was nondual was based on this confusion in many of the teachers who themselves confuse their most sublime experiences and insights with nondual perspectives. In moving in my own spiritual paths, I am finding the territory they describe to be behind me. Given my own experience, my sense is that the deep awakening in the sense of the experience of no-self is far, far, far less common than we like to think.

    I know that Robb Smith and Ken have discussed the fact that they have not met anyone who abides "there". I do know, of all the spiritual teachers I have met and seen, I have not run across the real deal yet. So what I so appreciated about this piece was the purity of the focus on what I am considering these days to be causal levels of awareness. This both opens and is grounded in a kind of humility which I am ascribing to Hubl which in turn engenders the particular clarity of how you describe what Hubl is up to. Hi Matthew, Thanks for the comment.

    Glad you enjoyed the piece.

    I agree with with you that there is a great deal of confusion around on the states, their relations, bodies, and identities. Thomas certainly has a strong causal presence. There is a deep space around him, in the way he speaks and so on. It strikes me as very natural and normal with him. I would also say that his teaching on how there is stillness in the movement and movement in the stillness has been very powerful for me.

    I found it takes me from those causal formless depths into manifestation and undoes the distinction between the manifest and the unmanifest. I also think there are potential shadows of a model that says there is gross, subtle, causal, and then nondual. One I think we should learn to start more with nonduality--what is the essence, the one nature of all this?

    What is This?

    Meditation: A way in which humans connect to the cosmic internet | Deeper Exploration

    Everybody needs to be conscious in gross, subtle, and causal dimensions. I've been over the last year really picking up work around shamanism--i. I had previously seen it as less. Now I see it as one crucial unique though by itself limited perspective. I think if we started with that kind of framework, it would help people connect and interpret wisely much more easily.

    Chris, my friend. I have little to add and so much of what you say makes a deep kind of sense to me. Your insight about shadows is rich and I will chew on it. Your articulation of the stillness in movement and the movement in stillness so captures my own experience of these depths.

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    I do confess to inquiring into the difference between monism the one nature of all this - which I know well as the ground of being out of which form and emptiness do their dance and non-duality which seems to be "something" quite different - a place where the very arising of beingness as such does not occur. I wanted to post a brief response based on my attendance at the last Thomas Hubl talk -- just a couple of nights ago in Vancouver. First, I could definitely feel the shared presence -- very strong, very wonderful.

    So transmission was really felt there by me. And, his teaching metaphors, his integrally-informed incarnational nondual teaching -- awesome.

    [BOOKS] ✭ The Cosmic Internet By Frank DeMarco –

    Bringing the future into being Very inspiring. My only criticism is with respect to the supposed valiidty of an "inner science" based on v. Jeesh -- this part was pretty much like T-group from the 's. Here was have wonderful, disciplined scientists in the integral community, pioneering assessments with a degree of validity.

    Logging On To the Cosmic Internet: Thomas Hübl on Creative Genius

    And instead we rely on five minute interviews with untrained folks! Everything else awesome, but that piece is a no-brainer high risk, low return exercise. If we want an inner science, we will need to be much more rigorous than that. Hi Durwin, Thanks for the comment. Good to see you there the other night. The Force was strong that indeed.

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    I don't think that assessment is the right context to frame the dyad work. As he introduced the practice, I remember him saying things like, "Have fun with it" and "This is a perception". A perception of the person responding to the presence of another. I take perception to indicate a very different frame than assessment. As I've experienced it, it's much more about learning to develop our intuition.

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    It's based on the dual premise that we are all the time giving off all of our information and that humans have an innate capacity to be able to tune into one another. And also that while innate, that capacity intuition can also be honed, exercised, and strengthened. Spending some time with this teaching, I feel those premises are valid. So I saw the practice the other night more as a just a taste, a very introductory entrance into all that.