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As his own blog points out, he was a professional Puppeteer at the Disneyland Hotel. I love it, we have just started some video initiatives and having fun as we try to use this medium to expand the brand. A simple video using Mac tools have allowed us to drive traffic to our website from our newsletters and email blasts.

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I am including the link to our first use of video in our marketing efforts. Joe- If I am breaching any rules of blogging etiquette, please feel free to remove the link. Scott, awesome job.. Joe brings up a great point, we have to have the social skills in the real world for it to work on the web. I thought I had it Scott, but man, you just brought me back down to earth. Stuart et al, thank you very much for the positive feedback.

Not […]. Log in with your Channel Futures account. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What does the recent Google Anthos news really mean for channel partners? GoogleCloud dlvr. Watch it. CPEvolution keynote video features AndiMann of splunk talking about the impact of disruption in technology and t… twitter.

ErickSimpson explains how to build a better channel in this video from CPEvolution. Written by Joe Panettieri 1 May 12, If you're a managed service provider seeking to leverage low-cost video marketing, blogs and other social media, steal some ideas from Scott Spiro pictured , president of Computer Solutions Group Inc.

Picture This Now, check out some of the videos Spiro has embedded in his blog. Whitney Hahn is the managing partner of Digital Bard in Frederick, MD, and leads a small, exuberantly geeky band of video marketers. There is nothing more boring than to watch a talking head spewing information or someone trying to be a reporter. Just try to have fun and relax… while telling a story.

Arnie Kuenn is an internationally recognized digital marketing expert, speaker and author. Arnie founded Vertical Measures, a highly respected digital marketing agency. I could say storytelling, but so often it requires creative concepting beyond the budget of many businesses. And some businesses may need salesforce-facing video versus consumer-facing, which also reduces the importance of storytelling.

So my number 1 tip for great marketing video is hooking your audience in the first five seconds , like here:. Merry Ann Moore is a content marketing and communications strategist. Moore Creative Strategies helps clients sift through the all the latest-and-greatest possibilities with a simple goal: to make your communications both creative and strategic. Jason has been in the marketing game since I used to write TV and sketch comedy, and the best part was I could literally think of anything I thought was amusing and turn it into a funny bit. No rules, no sell, just the funny.

I took those skills into marketing where you can be funny, but you also have to sell a product, a service, a cause, an idea and include lots of information and a strong call to action, while remaining true to the brand voice and making sure not to cross that line where senior management and legal start to feel uncomfortable. You get lots of shares, engagement and views — and no sales. Own it. Make your product or service the central part of the story , rather than an add-on or an afterthought. David Murdico is the creative director and managing partner of Supercool Creative Agency, specializing in video creative, production and social media marketing for startups, brands and businesses worldwide.

There are many, many great copywriting formulas that work for video scripts. I tend to follow the Ray Edwards one. Then, introduce your solution.

Breaking down B2B video marketing: What it is and how to do it well

Back it with proofs awards, testimonials, stats, etc. Finally, make an offer and ask for a response.

Understanding the audience and the platform are very important for making any great marketing video. Tell a great story. Stories transport viewers emotionally, prompting them to share. They are memorable, compelling, and inspirational. Build the story arch to fit your narrative. Use visuals and music to evoke different emotional responses in your viewers. Finish with a clear call-to-action that fits your goals for the campaign. Call-to-action created in wave.

Tips for Creating Marketing Videos

You do not need a big budget to leverage storytelling for video marketing. Careful pre-planning will do much of the work for you in terms of delivering an effective end result. Consider your goals for the campaign at a high level, then develop your concept in detail through script-writing and storyboarding. If you are outsourcing any parts of the video production process, make sure your aims are clearly communicated to any 3rd parties, and stay heavily involved in the creative process.

For inspiration, this article contains examples of exceptional storytelling by B2B companies. For specific pointers, this article will walk you through the 11 key ingredients for building a compelling story with video. Courtney Purchon is the head of marketing for SproutVideo, a video hosting provider for business.

Start with the basics. If you are making a video to inspire people to donate to your organization for a worthy cause, juxtapose the urgency of the cause with the success stories due to past support received. Once you identify the story, you will then be able to produce the footage and find the right resources that will best tell it.

Nothing is more compelling than a well-told story. Stories are organic. They have a life and a personality. Pay close attention during production and make notes. People may say something unique, or events will unfold off-camera. During the edit, following the pre-produced script may feel forced or unnatural. You need to be comfortable with it and give it a chance. The footage in the first half of the video normally stays on the virtual cutting room floor. It was creatively included in this video because it juxtaposes how nervous people can be before an on-camera interview with how eloquent they can sound when they believe in what they are saying, regardless of the nerves.

Tamer Tewfik uses his creative skills in production to create, as he claims, the best video marketing products possible. We have always been conditioned to draw the consumer into the experience with compelling imagery and visual storytelling, engage them with a memorable hook and then provide a branded call to action.

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The average time always ran between and seconds for a standard video spot. The average attention span also continues to decrease. And, remember the new promotional times have also decreased greatly.